1. Completely fill out the form under the video.

2. Click the PRINT button to print the bulk submission.
(If you do not have a printer you may hand write all form fields onto a piece of paper.)

3. Click the SUBMIT button to submit the form.
(If you do not click SUBMIT we will not get a copy of the form.)

4. Place the printout into the package and mail it out!
(Be sure to tape the edges well or the box could bust open during transit.)


You may package your Yu-Gi-Oh cards the same way as our Pokémon Bulk packages in the video example below. You may package them however you like this is just an easy way we have came up with.


    Please note that PayPal payments are sent using Goods & Services.

    Please address all packages to the following address.

    MetaTCG - Bulk Submission
    2009 108th St
    Suite 905
    Grand Prairie TX 75050
    United States of America

    Please choose only one of the following payment methods below.

    Type Price Sell Qty Total
    Commons $---- $0.00
    Rares $---- $0.00
    Holos $---- $0.00